Mr. Chef supports the Lagos Food Bank’s Emergency Intervention Plan


For ‘Iya Tinu’, every day is the same; she sells onions at a small market, just by the corner. There she tries to make some ‘change’ to at least care for her kids.

During the weekends, she takes on cleaning jobs, to at least make extra income.

When Coronavirus hit Lagos, she wasn’t so worried; at least, that was how Ebola came and left.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite pan out as she expected.

Firstly, the markets were on lockdown, so she couldn’t even make her daily sales; even worse, she could go for her cleaning jobs, due to ‘social distancing.’ She became very worried, because she wasn’t sure of how Tinu, her daughter, and her brothers, were going to feed.

There were a lot of scenarios, just like Iya Tinu’s, who were very concerned about their daily living, thanks to the lockdown.

We knew we couldn’t sit back and just watch, so we decided to Create Delightful Memories and bring smiles to some of these faces. We decided to partner with the Lagos Food Bank, a non-profit, nutrition focused initiative, established to tackle hunger, reduce food waste and provide emergency food, in its ongoing Emergency Intervention plan to support homes with some packs of seasoning cubes.

We supported this initiative with 100 cartons of our Chicken and Beef seasoning cubes, which supported 4,000 families, across 13 communities.

Trust us when we say we don’t plan on stopping these Delightful Memories *wink*

See pictures and video link below for excerpts.

Click here to watch the video:

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