Mr. Chef

– Peppersoup

Seasoning for Beef, Fish, Chicken, Goat & Lamb Peppersoup

Size: 8g


  • A unique balanced blend of typical West African Spices and herbs

  • All the ingredients  including thyme also help in promoting a healthy appetite

  • It contains scent leaves for a sweet aroma and flavouring of the dish.

  • It is richly made with herbs and spices, some of which are used in traditional medicine

  • African seasoning spice blend used in many traditional soups and stews.

  • It is a distinct blend of flavors which come from a blend of traditional herbs, African peppers & spices.

  • It is a rich mix of aromatic spices and herbs with medicinal qualities

Comparison with Competitors’ Product

  • It’s purely natural spices and herbs unlike other which contains artificial flavour or even ginger only.

  • It can be used directly without adding additional spice or herbs.

  • It has inviting aroma on opening of sachet compared to others

  • Easy to use

  • Stress free (no need of grinding individual spices)

  • Instant

  • Natural

Cooking Instruction

  • Put all your ingredients into the pot.

  • Start cooking all the ingredients.

  • Sprinkle Mr. Chef Peppersoup Seasoning Powder in it for delightful taste and aroma.

  • Stir and simmer until your meal is ready

  • Serve with love and enjoy

User Benefits

  • It gives the natural aroma and taste of spice & herbs blend in your peppersoup

  • It  is used to create delicious peppersoup

  • If the consumer wants to be adventurous, it can be added to other dishes like Jollof rice, stew etc.

  • Gives the dish natural aromatic and spicy taste

  • It can be prepared with Fish, Goat, Chicken, Turkey, Assorted etc

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