Mr. Chef

– Stew 

Seasoning for Soup, Stew & Rice

Sizes: 6gm, 50g


  • A dry stock seasoning products carefully selected blend of herbs and spices

  • A seasoning with a perfect blend of flavor to add to all of your stews

  • This blend of herbs and spices adds flavor

Comparison with Competitors’ Product

  • Easy to dissolve

  • It has inviting aroma on opening of sachet compared to others

  • Easy to use

Cooking Instruction

  • Put all your ingredients into the pot

  • Start cooking all the ingredients

  • Sprinkle the desired quantity of Mr. Chef Stew Seasoning Powder in it for delightful taste and aroma

  • Stir and simmer until your meal is ready

  • Serve with love and enjoy

User Benefits

  • It delivers superior taste and aroma

  • Add a burst of flavour to stews and fill your home with rich hearty aromas

  • It adds Versatile flavours and great aroma to all your meal

  • It gives your meal a very attractive look

  • It also enhance the taste of every meal

  • It can be used in jollof rice, stew and sauce, spaghetti etc

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