How Mr. Chef celebrated International Friendship Day


Tolani and Erica have been friends since childhood, and have practically done everything together, including eating from the same plate.

On July 31, Tolani decided to celebrate her friendship with Erica, by making her favourite meal: Jollof Rice, using Mr. Chef’s chicken seasoning cubes and Jollof spice.

If you guessed that that the meal turned out great, well then, you guessed right. Erica was so thrilled by the meal, and Tolani’s act of friendship that she actually burst into tears; it was such a beautiful moment between friends.

After the meal, it was time to do the dishes and Tolani asked Erica to do it; however, Erica felt that Tolani should complete what she started and just do the dishes.

While you decide who should do the dishes, July 31 was also a memorable day for us.

It was the International Friendship Day we had to make it special, not just for ourselves, but for our ‘friends’ and our audience.

So, here’s what we did:

  1. We put up a post to celebrate one of our special friends, the Dishwashing Liquid, and to emphasize how important its friendship is to us, in the kitchen.
  2. To personalize our message and make it even special, we tagged one of the leading dishwashing brands in Nigeria: Morning Fresh. By virtue of what the day meant to us, we tagged a popular dishwashing brand, Morning Fresh in the post, to personalize it.
  3. Not long after, we got a message from Morning Fresh, also reciprocating our hand of friendship:


“As your friend, we would never let the grease wear you out, instead we ease it out
#Morningfreshextrapowerwashmorewithease #happyinternationalfriendshipday”

  1. To ensure that this new found friendship with Morning Fresh is experienced by everyone on ‘Social verse,’ we went ahead to leverage on paid promotion, as well as trended the hashtag, #MrChefXMorningFresh, on Twitter.
  2. This hashtag ended at the number 2 spot on Nigeria Trends, with a lot of our audience celebrating the day, and our friendship with us.

How often do you celebrate your friends?

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