Mr. Chef Jollof Rice Seasoning Powder 

Instant Seasoning Mix


  • A blend of different spices, flavor enhancers that adds flavor and aroma to the Jollof rice
  • A fragrant dish known for its unique sweet taste and subtle spiciness
  • It a spice mix that adds spice to the Jollof rice
  • A spice mix that amplifies the taste and colour of the Jollof rice
  • It is an instant seasoning mix
  • A blend made with finest quality standards rich in vitamin and gives a perfect blend and taste to the Jollof rice
  • A perfect seasoning mix used in enhancing the Jollof rice
  • A blend of spices safe for consumption
    Comes in a roll of 10sachets

Comparison with Competitors’ Product

  • It is an instant seasoning mix compared to other competitive products which are just seasoning powder
  • It contains both spices and seasoning compared to others which has only spices in it.
  • It does not require the use of additional seasoning cube or powder compared to others.
    It is quick and fast to use compared to others
  • It has a recommended dosage of usage compared to others
  • It improves the colour of Jollof rice instantly compared to others which needs other colour enhancers
  • It has a long lasting aroma, flavor and taste when used compared to others
  • It has inviting aroma on opening of sachet compared to others

Cooking Instruction

  • Prepare stew with fresh tomato, pepper & onions
  • Add parboiled rice and cook
  • Sprinkle Mr. Chef Jollof Rice Instant Seasoning Mix
  • Add fresh green beans, peas, carrot & allow to simmer
  • Your Jollof Rice is ready, serve with LOVE and enjoy

User Benefits

  • It improves the colour and appearance of the Jollof rice
  • It gives the Jollof rice a better taste and aroma
  • It requires little or no additional seasoning cube or powder
  • It is safe and convenient to use (just sprinkle)
  • It is affordable (cheap), available and economical
    It can be re-used without changing its form
  • It can be used with little or no tomato paste or fresh tomato
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