About Us

Sweet Nutrition Limited manufacturer of Mr. Chef range of products was established in 2010.

We are committed to produce and market a range of culinary products which include seasoning cubes and powdered seasonings that meet and exceed customer and statutory requirements . We are also committed to continually improve the effectiveness of our operations through the implementation of the requirements of ISO.

We re-launched our products into the market in 2018, as the new look cubes and seasonings are made from natural ingredients and a blend of international and local Nigerian flavors.

The range of products for Mr. Chef are seasoning cubes (beef and chicken), and Seasoning powders (Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Pepper soup, Goat Meat, Curry, Stew, Ginger-Onion-Garlic & Crayfish), was based on the outcome of consumers research the company conducted across the country and the need to give Nigerians a complete meal. We have the best people working in the research and development team to ensure utmost quality and our quality control is of international standards, which shows that we have the finest products in the market at an affordable price. We carry out a lot of consumers’ research by engaging hotel agencies, restaurants, etc across Nigeria to find out about our seasonings in a bid to continue serving the interest of our esteemed consumers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

We as a company are always striving with our products to create delightful memories for our dear consumers.


To be the most preferred culinary brand in Nigeria.


To bring the best quality seasonings at an affordable price and a unique local taste

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